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Photography: Sally Durrant



Reflexology is increasingly recognised by healthcare professionals as a respected and effective therapy.

Foot Reflexology has been shown to have significant benefits for the body and mind: Relaxation, improved circulation, and the lifting of the spirits, for example, all help to maintain a person’s wellbeing.

Foot reflexology may also assist in pain management, as well as supporting the journey back to health after illness. As reflexology initiates the body’s self-healing, clients may find great benefit from having regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly reflexology treatments.


RLD is an award winning and medically researched reflexology technique, developed by Sally Kay, which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet to cause a positive effect on the lymphatic system in the body.

This treatment can boost the immune system, the metabolism, and is effective in supporting auto-immune diseases, and in the reduction of inflammation and oedema. Some conditions that may benefit from RLD are:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Migraines
  • Fibromalgia



Facial reflexology works on the same principles as foot reflexology, but by stimulating points on the face rather than the feet.

The treatment is non-invasive, light and gentle, and offers unique benefits. The proximity of the face to the brain is key to the effectiveness of this therapy as connections are instantly made to the body’s neuro-pathways offering deep relaxation to the client.

Bergman Method facial reflexology, developed by Ziggie Bergman will release muscle tension, strengthen skin tissue and increase an oxygen rich blood supply to the face, moving a stagnant blood supply and toxins away from the body, leaving the client feeling blissful and brighter. Facial Reflexology helps in the reduction of stress, migraines, sinus problems, insomnia, and depression.


Ear candling and facial cupping is particularly effective in combination, but can also be booked separately as add-ons or stand alone treatments. Please refer to the prices tab.

Ear candling is a relaxing and gentle technique, which is also suitable for children.

It can be effective in improving poor hearing caused by wax build up, clearing sinuses and can help alleviate symptoms of tinnitus, headaches and migraines, neuralgia, and assists pressure regulation after flying, and loss of smell. I use high quality Biosun candles which contain only natural ingredients. These offer aromatherapy benefits and support the immune system.

Facial Cupping (not suitable for children) is a very pleasant treatment that promotes lymphatic drainage, and is helpful for clients suffering from sinus congestion or infection, earaches, and teeth grinding.

It has added beauty benefits of reducing wrinkles and lines, firming skin tone, reducing pore size and puffy eyes and softening scar tissue.


Dien Chan Zone© facial reflexology is a highly effective and direct method for self-care.

Originating in Vietnam and adapted by Beatrice Moricoli and Vittorio Bergamini over the last twenty years at the International Academy of Italian Facial Reflexology (AIRFI), Dien Chan Zone is a westernised multi-reflexology that addresses specific symptoms immediate. The treatment is beautiful and extremely relaxing. It is a wonderful proponent for self-care, and puts your health back in your own hands. Each receiver is offered a personalised map for continued self-massage at home. Kate trained with Helen Black (AIRFI) and is one of the first Dien Chan Zone Operators in the UK.

Dien Chan Zone can be effective in alleviating symptoms such as:

  • Sinus problems
  • Neck and back pain
  • Digestive problems
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Menstrual pains and hormonal issues
  • Muscle and joint aches, cramps, sciatica